Driving Sustainability Management

To vigorously promote sustainability management, a sustainability committee has been structured and implement To achieve solutions for identified materialities (important issues), Pigeon works Group-wide across organizations, assembling a promotional framework for coordination and raising awareness among all Group employees.

Establishment of a Sustainability Committee

At the meeting of the Board of Directors held on December 14, 2020, the Company passed a resolution to establish a Sustainability Committee.

The Sustainability Committee was established to strongly drive ESG management in the Pigeon Group as a function of business execution, from a medium-to-long-term perspective. The Committee is chaired by the General Manager of Global Head Office and includes the Division Managers of each Business Division as well as the Business Strategy Division Managers. The Sustainability Committee meets twice or more a year, setting medium- and long-term targets, identifying and regularly revising materialities and reviewing progress on measures toward resolving materialities. Each time the Sustainability Committee meets, it reports the results to the Board of Directors.

Organizational Chart of Sustainability Committee

Each business unit has its own Sustainability Committee, chaired by the head of each business unit. These Committees confirm the progress of activities in the companies in their respective segments and identify issues to address.

Raising ESG Awareness within the Group

The Pigeon Group is conducting a wide range of efforts to raise awareness of ESG within the Group. To promote ESG activities among employees of the Pigeon Group, the Group has introduced a Web-based in-house newsletter, accessible to allemployees worldwide. Distributed regularly, this newsletter contains educational content regarding ESG as well as descriptions of efforts at each Group company, in Japanese, English and Chinese, sharing knowledge and information about specific case studies. In addition to distributing information, the Group is drawing up plans and recruiting employees to try out environmentally friendly products for reference purposes and provide reports on the experience. The aim of these efforts is to involve employees directly in the information-sharing process and spread awareness through experience. The Group is also conducting seminars on ESG management as part of new-employee training.

Cases of "ESG News" distributed regularly in global internal newsletters

SDGs training for new employees