Pigeon ESG/SDGs Policy

In line with Pigeon's corporate philosophy, credo, and purpose, we have established the three basic values that each employee values in the execution of business, the five action principles that are the basic guideline for each employee, and the vision that we want to achieve over the medium to long term as "Pigeon Way." We have set the policy of embodying Pigeon Way and contributing to the development of a sustainable society as "Pigeon ESG/SDGs Policy" (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy").

We will pursue sustainable operations from the perspectives of environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G), and conduct business activities to contribute to the resolution of social issues represented by SDGs by creating new value through the provision of products and services. Through our business activities, we aim to build relationships of trust with our stakeholders and contribute to the development of a sustainable society by enhancing our corporate value on the whole.

Story to develop a Sustainable Society based on Pigeon ESG/SDGs Policy

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Position in the Philosophy

This policy is positioned as a substructure of "Pigeon Way" in the philosophy structure. After Pigeon Way, the Management Policy which is stated in the Medium-Term Management plan comes into place with the ESG/SDGs Policy. The Management policy prescribes the Financial KPIs, on the other hand, ESG/SDGs Policy prescribes the Non-Financial KPIs (contributions to ESG and social issues (SDGs)).

Position of this Policy in the Philosophy Structure

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Our Vision (Target Point)

As mentioned in Pigeon Way , our vision is ‘to be the baby product manufacturer most trusted by the world's babies and families, i.e.“Global Number One”’.

Materiality (Key Issues)

In order to achieve the target points indicated above, we have set the following six materialities (Key Issues) to be resolved.

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Medium-Term Targets and SDGs

The medium-term targets and related SDGs for each materiality shown above are as follows. We aim to contribute to the resolution of social issues (SDGs) by resolving materiality issues.

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