You hug your baby
We hold your hands

Laughter, smiles and joy beyond words.
We stand by you
With our insights and promise
to give you and your baby the best.

We want to make the world
more baby-friendly.

Safe & Secure

Lovingly Designed

We embrace the bond
between parents and newborns.
Pigeon products are designed
to nurture this connection.

Always Attentive

We devote ourselves to your baby.
Strict manufacturing controls.
Careful attention to quality.
Production, with nothing left to chance.

Quality Assurance

Pigeon produces over 100 million nipples
every year.
Each is inspected using cutting-edge
latest technology
and certified
by Pigeon quality experts.

Widely Adopted

Pigeon’s approach to quality,
shared globally, delivered personally.
Expertise from Japan, passed down
since our founding.

Power of Creation

Continually Exploring

We study babies’ sucking instincts
from every angle,
now and into the future.

Highly Attuned

Each of our senses
alert for unforeseen problems,
providing helpful solutions
for caring mothers.

Closely Connected

At Pigeon, we receive feedback
from customers 365 days a year.
Our passion for babies
connects our customers
to our manufacturing processes.

Steadily Advancing

Babies are our shared passion.
United with medical experts worldwide.
We stand by you and the one
you love best.

We strive to encourage curiosity, celebrate diversity, and open horizons,because a society that treasures these things is one that will grow up to be creative, inclusive, and free.