Environmental Policy

The Pigeon Group is committed to form a sustainable society in the Earth’s finite environment and 'leave a rich earth for the future of babies born tomorrow' by acting based on Pigeon Way. In addition to complying strictly with environmental laws and regulations, we recognize the relationship between its business activities and the environment, energetically tackle the environmental issues faced by all humanity.
In that spirit, we pursue maximum efficiency in the use of natural resources and energy and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, waste, harmful chemicals and other substances that impact the environment. Thereby contributing to the reduction of global warming, preventing pollution and conservation of biodiversity.
In advancing these various efforts, we strive to form appropriate partnerships and cooperative relations with the diverse range of stakeholders in its supply chain, including customers, business partners and regional communities, to have a beneficial effect on the global environment of the future.

Biodiversity Policy

The Pigeon Group recognizes that biodiversity is the foundation for the survival of society as a whole and is an essential element of sustainable business activities.

Based on full consideration for how our business activities affect biodiversity in various situations such as raw material procurement, water resources and wastewater used in manufacturing processes, and product disposal, the Pigeon Group implements initiatives for protecting nature in order to conserve biodiversity.