Social Media Policy

We at the Pigeon Group use social media appropriately with the aim of improving our corporate values. We comply with our social media policy (the “Policy”) and applicable laws when using social media.
We manage and administer official social media accounts approved by the Pigeon Group in accordance with the Policy.

What is social media?

Social media is defined by the Pigeon Group as media that enables a large unspecified number of users to interact and communicate with each other based on comments or information posted by individuals on the Internet or using web technologies.

Basic policy for managing social media accounts

  • We comply with the Policy and applicable laws when using social media accounts.
  • We comply with laws applicable to intellectual property rights, copyrights, or portrait rights when managing social media accounts.
  • We manage personal information which may be held by us appropriately and in accordance with applicable laws.
  • If we outsource the management of our social media accounts to an external organization, we ensure that they will be managed in accordance with the Policy.
  • We will appoint social media account manager and social media account administrator for our official social media accounts.

Our stance on the management of official social media accounts

  • We recognize that any information posted on social media can be accessed by the general public, cannot be deleted completely, and may affect the reputation of the Group. Hence, we act responsibly at all times.
  • We act as responsible members of society. We are fully aware of the effect that information posted by us may have on society at large. We use social media responsibly.
  • We listen to other people's comments and respect the values and personalities of all social media users.
  • The social media account manager and the social media account administrator are fully aware of the characteristics of social media and act accordingly. They strive to promote communication through social media as well as to prevent any trouble which may be associated with it.

To customers and social media users

Information posted on social media by the social media account manager and the social media account administrator, who are responsible for the management of our official accounts, does not necessarily represent the official announcements or views of the Group. Our official announcements or views are published in news releases on our website or those of our group companies.

Amendments to Social Media Policy

The Policy will be reviewed on a continuous basis to be adapted to changes in social media or in the business climate.

Developed in September 2014

The Group's official social media accounts

  • The official social media accounts of the Pigeon Group have been duly approved by the Group and social media account managers and social media account administrators have been appointed.
  • Comments posted on our social media accounts are handled differently (in terms of whether we are able to reply to comments or when and how we reply to comments), depending on which site they have been posted to. If you have any questions, please send them to the point of contact for the relevant social media account.
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