Corporate Ethics Guidelines

Since its foundation to the present, the Pigeon Group (hereinafter called “Pigeon”) has been thoroughly aware of its social existence as a company, has supported the society, and at the same time, has promoted its business activities to fulfill its responsibility together with society. Pigeon has hereby established “Corporate Ethics Guidelines” that stipulates its basic compliance policy for winning the confidence of all the affected people on whom its business activities exert an impact.

I. Corporate Ethics Policies

Pigeon prescribes as follows universal guidelines for putting its compliance management (observance of laws, regulations, and corporate ethics) into practice, and hereby declares observance of all laws, regulations, social norms, and their spirits, and that every company member of Pigeon conducts every activity with integrity and higher ethical standards.


  1. Possess high ethical standards constantly, promote management with priority given to compliance, and fulfill its social responsibilities as a company in every aspect of corporate activities under the Pigeon Way.
  2. Pursue customers’ delight, happiness, and excitement, provide safe, useful, and high-quality products and services, and strive for sustainable economic growth and social issue resolution.
  3. Respect community cultures, aim for harmony with society, and extensively promote contribution to society as a good corporate citizen.
  4. Give consideration to the limited global environment and be proactive in environmental management.
  5. Carry out actions that respect human rights of every person in all its corporate activities.
  6. Value the diversity and individuality of each employee at any time and provide for its employees a great work environment with consideration given to their health and security. Pigeon will work out to provide a workplace where its employees can achieve self-realization and feel fulfilled.
  7. Participate in fair and open competition and carries out fair transactions and responsible procurement in its corporate activities for sound growth. Pigeon will maintain a healthy relationship with politics and the administration of government.
  8. Appropriately control and utilize corporate information and promote efficient management.
  9. Continue constructive dialogues with every stakeholder, use stakeholders’ opinions for improvement and development of products and services or raising corporate value, and at the same time, disclose the corporate information positively, appropriately at the right time, and fairly.
  10. Bring the present Corporate Ethics Policies into reality with all members of the Group united, and build, maintain, and develop an effective corporate governance to this end.

II. Code of Conduct

Supplemental provisions

  1. These Corporate Ethics Guidelines are put into effect on and after September 12, 2005.
  2. Revised on December 2, 2019